Mor Wild Berry Gin

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Derrick Lin


Creative Director: Conor Smyth
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Gin
Location: Ireland

An Adventurous Spirit for the Adventurous in Spirit, Mór Irish Gin is defined by its core philosophy of History, Inspiration and Adventure. It is produced in Arderin Distillery which was founded by distiller Eoin Bara. He ​is ​the product ​of ​a ​legacy ​built ​by ​masters ​of the ​craft ​stretching ​back ​to ​the ​1930s ​when ​his ​grandfather ​was ​a ​master ​distiller of a world ​renowned ​Irish ​whiskey.

Inspired by this legacy Eoin traversed the globe to learn modern distillation techniques and explore what contemporary master distillers were producing for today’s market. In 2015 he returned to his hometown of Tullamore Co.Offaly and established Arderin Distillery, producing its flagship product Mór Irish Gin, Wild Berry Edition.