Creative Agency: Getbrand
Project Type: Concept
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Line of greek products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, glass bottle

Getbrand team realizes its dreams of vacation and craving for gastronomic tourism by creating a concept of line of natural Greek products «Greece is».

You visited Greece not so long ago and already want to return here? What will you do if you want to serve yourself a “Greek dinner” or even a whole Greek day? If the vacation is still far away, and the souvenirs that have been brought are already eaten and drunk, then the desire and real Greek products will help to bring back pleasant memories from sunny Greece. The answer to the aspirations of each of us to travel can be a product line, collected in one place and under the one brand.

From these warm memories and dreams of vacation, we get the idea to unify under one brand the colorful national products of Greece, beloved all over the world. «Greece is» – are Greek yoghurt, salted goat cheeses, olive oil, refreshing rezina, lilac olives of “Kalamata”, sea salt and other gastronomic (and not only gastronomic) sights of Greece.

Even those who have never been there will certainly recognize famous white and blue houses of Santorini, perhaps the most famous Greek island. It is his local landscapes, color and amazing architecture that formed the basis of the concept.

Bright kraft illustrations of each package form an authentic city landscape uniting the line and conveying the emotional atmosphere of the country. With «Greece is», it is easy to indulge in Greek hedonism, simply filling the day with the flavors, aromas and colors of Santorini.

«Greece is» – a great opportunity to organise a real Greek feast right at home and make a small trip there whenever you want it.