Rā- Demolished & recycled concrete pendant lamp

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Derrick Lin


Design: Shail Iyer
Project Type: Concept
Location: Pune, India
Packaging Contents: Recycled Concrete pendant lamp
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Compostable bamboo, recycled paper
Printing Process: Debossing, Foil stamping

Rā is a concrete pendant lamp which is made from demolished and recycled concrete waste. It is a product that is designed keeping the environmental impact and sustainability in mind. Despite being a pendant lamp the user can easily assemble and disassemble the product anytime making the product’s maintenance easy. The packaging is designed cleverly to fit in all the components making it easy to transport. The whole purpose of this project was to come up with a product that is sustainable. Looking at the current scenario, we as designers need to design more products that are sustainable and environmental friendly.

Since the project revolved around sustainability I had to choose materials that did justice to the given brief, so the materials were carefully chosen for its making. Materials like demolished concrete, concrete, copper, and powder coated metal were used for the production of the pendant lamp. My inspiration for this project was demolished construction sites, where the co relation of concrete and the support bars used for the concrete beams are very clearly seen. This relation is also seen in the product where the middle metal ring acts like a support for the two concrete disks. Keeping the said brief in mind, I decided to use compostable bamboo for the inner tray that would hold all the parts together, and for the out packaging recycled paper. I wanted to keep the outer and inner packaging as minimal as possible, so for the outer packaging I decided to deboss the name and the product description on it with a glossy black finish to complement the matte black color of the box. On the inside the tray is designed cleverly to fit in every component of the product and keep it safe and intact.

What’s Unique?
The whole idea of sustainability and using the right material for the product and packaging makes the design special, every material used for this project is sustainable and recyclable.