Derrick Lin


Manufacturer: PET Engineering
Marketing & Communication Manager Elisa Zanellato
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Recoaro
Location: San Vendemiano, Italy
Packaging Contents: Soft Drinks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: PET bottle

Recoaro unveils the spectacular return of some of its most sought-after flavours, with the addition of a new organic element: the BIO beverages are now available in packaging by PET Engineering.

The long-awaited return of traditional soft drinks by nostalgic consumers, a new strategy aiming to raise brand awareness and positioning and the desire to follow BIO trends which are increasingly more appreciated by consumers who become more and more mindful by the day: these are the solid foundations on which PET Engineering has based the development of the packaging for the new BIO range by Recoaro.

The identity system created by the company from Treviso, including logo, label and bottle, tells of a story of tradition and innovation and it does so sincerely and openly by putting the product first, always clearly visible with no attempt made to cover the colour with all-over labelling.

The chosen font, like the graphic choice made for the description of the ingredients, represented by small handmade drawings, brings to mind the ancient recipes written in old copy books. It strongly and coherently expresses the desire to be inspired by traditional beverages of the past when the choice of ingredients was made with wise awareness and everything tasted good, natural and healthy.

And so, the Chinotto, the only change being cane sugar replacing white sugar, the Limonata with the addition of ginger, a must-have ingredient of the moment and the Aranciata with bergamot extract that gives it a unique and unmistakable taste, all find a precious ally in the new packaging by PET engineering to express their strong identity: 100% Italian and BIO, a characteristic which is highlighted through the large logo in bas-relief placed on the shoulder of the bottle.