Ortmann Pro — Individual Ortopedic Insoles

Derrick Lin


Design: Clёver Branding
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Rehard Technologies Gmbh
Location: Moscow/Russia
Packaging Contents: Insoles
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, plastic
Printing Process: offset printing

Branding agency Clёver Branding has designed a package for individual orthopedic insoles Ortmann Pro.

The ORTMANN brand belongs to the German company Rehard Technologies Gmbh, which specializes in the production of orthopedic products for the treatment and prevention of foot deformities.

Due to the current assortment, high quality and efficiency of the proposed solutions, ORTMANN has gained in the professional environment the reputation of one of the leading experts in the orthopedic products market.

The modern urban environment forms new approaches to human health: hard pavement covers and the absence of a natural, uneven land relief inevitably lead to deformation of the foot. According to statistics, more than 80% of the city’s population suffers from flat feet, and many do not even know about it. Virtually every city resident needs additional orthopedic devices.

In 2018, Rehard Technologies Gmbh Company launched the production of individual orthopedic insoles under the subbrand of Ortmann Pro. For a new product, we needed a unique style of information delivery that would demonstrate all the advantages of using such an insole and most accurately reflect the essence of the new brand – an individual human approach with German precision and adaptability to each patient.

Development of visual identity of the brand, packaging design and POSM-materials was entrusted to the branding agency Clёver Branding.

In order to show all the possibilities of the individual insole Ortmann Pro, its layered image was created in the form of an understandable design with spaced apart components. In this case, the insole itself remains located on the foot, so that each person can easily understand how and in what places of the foot the new technologies work. Lines, arrows and a schematic image of insole and foot, drawn by hand, emphasize the human component of the brand – these are technologies that are developed by human experts for people who need professional help from an orthopedist.

Sales of individual insoles Ortmann Pro successfully started in orthopedic salons of Orteka and thousands of patients have already made their lives much more.