Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss In May 2018

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Derrick Lin


Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the month of May 2018. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project, you can also submit your packaging project here!

Nhà – Candied Fruit packaging design by Anh Nghiet Nguyen

Packaging design for Nhà (means “Home” in Vietnamese) – a Vietnamese candied fruit Brand, including: Mứt Gừng – Soft dried Ginger, Mứt Khóm (Dứa) – Soft dried Pineapple and Mứt Sen – Candied Lotus Seeds. The concept is inspired by Vietnamese Mythology about God of Rain, God of the Sun and God of Wind, who take care of our nature and bring us a good life.

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Fish Club Wine packaging design by Backbone Branding

The branding and concept were designed for exceptional fish lovers, who appreciate real taste of wine and true hospitality in an inspiring atmosphere. The core design element is fish scale, a simple, yet bold thought as this is a common element in all fishes regardless of their type, size, and shape.

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Miami Cocktail Co. packaging design by Berik Yergaliyev

Miami Cocktail Co. It is small company which produces cocktails exclusively from the best natural ingredients. Now there are glass packages which are produced in small batches. Final product looks very natural and local. In my opinion, this export product lacks some emotions and storytelling. The brand new concept brings to the theme notes of warmth and brightness of the magnificent city of Miami and the state of Florida. The design does not have complex composition nor history, it conveys extremely positive emotions. Minimalistic design makes it possible to think of your own story while enjoying this wonderful drink.

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Tropicana Package Design Concept by Berik Yergaliyev

In the world there are thousands of designs of juices. Each design at different times had different tasks. One design demonstrates the naturalness of the drink with the help of material and texture, the other uses juicy images of fruits. It seems to me that to say the naturalness of a drink will soon become meaningless, since the naturalness of juices will become the norm. Food will become part of the lifestyle, as well as household items and clothing. The design of Tropicana juices is an attempt to make the product a little different. Clear geometry in the design speaks for simplicity and pedantry, the golden elements add a little bit of charm and premium.

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Holiland Chinese dessert packaging design by Would Design

Tangyuan, as a typical Chinese dessert, symbolizes a happy reunion and is a necessary traditional food for the Lantern Festival. The customary package of Tangyuan is always boring and obsolete. We hope to rethink the possibility of packaging this traditional food with a fresh perspective. Of course, the final presentation of the design must be balanced with the target audience’s acceptance. In this design, we chose to integrate the auspicious images in Chinese traditional culture with contemporary design languages to create a new Chinese design with new vitality.

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ETUDE HOUSE 2018 Spring Collection ‘Colorful Drawing’ packaging design by ohSeven

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Tea of Buddhist Monk packaging design by 申也 大凡

Monks became attached to tea by sitting in meditation. As shown in historical records, Shan Daokai, a famous monk of East Jin Dynasty, cultivated himself according to Buddhism doctrines at Zhaode Temple. He was assiduous in his practice of sitting in meditation. To recover from fatigue and drive away sleepiness, he drank tea. It showed that in the beginning, the purpose for monks in drinking tea is to facilitate meditation and self-cultivation. Sequel Biography of Famous Monks says that Shi Fayao, a monk of the Southern Dynasty, excelled in Sado. He lived for 79 years. One secret of his longevity was to drink tea with meals. Eventually, it became a common practice among monks under Buddhism doctrines.

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Chosen Tea 1869 – Taiwanese Tea Series packaging design by DOT design

To select tea for someone is a kind gesture in Taiwanese culture. Each package in the Chosen Tea 1869 series contains tea leaves that have been carefully selected by Lin Huatai, the oldest tea company in Taipei. This product commemorates the year 1869, which was the all-time most prosperous year for Taiwanese tea exports. Taking the form of a mountain where tea grows, it symbolizes Taiwan’s flourishing tea culture. In 2017, the packaging design was honored by Taiwan’s Golden Pin Design Award. Chief Judge, Kazuo Tanaka commends its sentiment. “This packaging is not merely a container – it puts both the functionality and aesthetic aspect of the design into consideration, as well as highlighting the mountain tea concept.”

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KFC Super Rugby Packaging design by 485 Design

Why not create something with a dual use like a piece of wearable packaging. A piece of packaging that enabled fans to become cheerleaders of their favourite Super Rugby franchise. The fan bucket is an interactive piece of packaging. Fans would bring buckets to events or receive them at the gate. Advertising regulations in stadiums are very strict. Rules state that no one can advertise over 1.2m high, the exception (we discovered) is something wearable.

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Mira Brewery packaging design by studio OUAM

Mira, from the Latin word mirabilia (marvel), is a reflection of its two creators who wanted to create a beer using the local resources and share their passion for hops. The brand is based on the former cabinets of curiosities, that existed before our museums and had been created to pass a taste for art and exploration down to visitors.

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