Derrick Lin


Design: Jessica Hord
Project Type: Student Project
School: Ball State University
Tutor: Fred Bower
Location: Muncie, Indiana
Packaging Contents: Plant seeds
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wildflower Seed Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

After reading the book Eco Packaging Now by Peng Chong and Tony Ibbotson, I was really eager to work with sustainable materials in my design work. I chose to create an identity system and packaging for a fictitious biodegradable seed packaging brand.

After reading Eco Packaging Now I was well-versed in all types of eco packaging from biodegradable to recyclable, but I needed to find the perfect paper for my seed packaging brand. I researched many different types of degradable paper and decided on the Plant Me Seed Paper in premium white with visible wildflower seeds. After selecting the wildflower seed paper, I went through the process of finding the encouraged amount of sun, planting depth, temperature, and amount of water for each kind of plant I wanted to make available.

Identity Design:
I decided on the name TruSeed because I wanted the name of the product to embody the purpose of the brand I created. The product is truly just seeds. To symbolize the straightforward honesty of the brand, I went with a clean sans-serif typeface a simple black and grey color palette.

For the packaging, I wanted to create a simple design that wouldn’t distract from the beautiful colors in the wildflower seed paper. The simpler design uses less ink, creates less waste, and makes the packaging stand out against all of the other seed packages on the shelf. I designed a packaging shape that was different from normal seed packages.

What’s Unique?
This packaging is unique because it allows the consumer to simply place the seed packet into the ground. Because the packaging is made out of Sunflower Seed Paper, they don’t need to tear open the package, add fertilizer, or worry about planting enough seeds when gardening. The packaging is portioned perfectly, it creates zero waste by being completely biodegradable, and it makes the process of gardening as simple as possible.