Design: Packvision Agency
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Chocolate
Technique: Blind embossing
Location: Russia

Packaging for small square chocolate bars. This package should be bright, catchy, noticeable on the shelf, wild. That she wanted to take in hand and consider.

We tested a lot of patterns on holographic material. Holography is an unpredictable material, which gives an interesting and unexpected effect. Creating a package for square chocolate bars – we used a geometric pattern.

A task
Create a package for a set of chocolates for 5gr – 8pcs. with the use of holographic material that would stand out favorably on the shelf, was attractive and unusual.

Packing based on blind embossing without printing. Shows a variety of possibilities of the material, gives additional effects. Due to the overplaying of the material and its large area – it is noticeable on the shelf.

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Derrick Lin

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