Art Directors: Hou Chun-Chun, Hsieh Sheng-Fa
Designers: Yang Po-Zhi, Ku Pei-Wen, Chiou Yu-Ching, Shih Mei-Ju, Weng Ching-Te
Photographer: Yang Chin-Yao
Project Type: Concept
Location: Taipei
Packaging Contents: Pain relief patches
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital printing

Oh Oh Pressure Go is a pair of packaging design concepts for pain relief patches. Both concepts exhibit a strong sense of huaren design, or design for the Chinese-speaking community. They won Taiwan’s Golden Pin Concept Design Award, which is widely regarded as the culture-thinking design authority among the global huaren community.

One of the concepts is inspired by the Jiangshi (Chinese zombie) with its characteristic yellow paper talisman, mandarin hat, and demonic face. In Chinese zombie movies, the only way to silence the living dead is to grab the talisman hanging from the hat in front of the zombie’s face. Inspired by the anecdote, the packaging lid is designed to open when the user pulls the talisman.

The other is a book about the heart, which features a traditional Chinese stitched book binding. The designers believe that pain is not always physical; it can be psychological, and it can be caused by the heart. By reading the book, one’s anxieties may be put to rest, and the pain go away.

What’s Unique?
Both packaging design concepts are meant as alternative treatments to the pain relief patches inside the packaging. The designers’ objective is to create value in the packaging itself by drawing upon cultural products such as myths and folklore.