Derrick Lin


Agency: Shake Design
Chief Creative director: Maayan Reshef
Designer: Atara Yunger
VP Account: Adi Ashkenazi
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Tempo
Location: Tel Aviv Israel
Packaging Contents: Drink
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass , Aluminium

Creating a new, premium, up and coming brand of delicate flavored sparkling water for young and urban party-goers. The Objective was to design an entirely new and savvy brand system expressing a super cool, young and colorful, fashionable and urban lifestyle.

Our graphic solution was to develop an expressive and impactful graphic treatment, that corresponds with one’s desire to make a fashion statement. The graphic illustration style is artistic and abstract, to reflect the spirit of the brand, the bold colors are used in subtle, lightweight lines, communicating the subtle, light flavors of the sparkling water.

The result is a distinctive look for the whole collection, which was later used on fashion and accessory products sold online.

What’s Unique?
The ability to choose for yourself , your personal flavor and style is a corner stone of this new brand- each flavor has several designs to choose from, that extends beyond beverage brand to fashion accessories, swimsuits ,beach-towels and more.