Design: Aurimas Kadzevičius
Baker: Tolli Baker
Text: Rokas Mikutis
Photographer: Kernius Pauliukonis/ Packshot
Project Communication: Diana Augūnaitė
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Vilkmergės alus
Location: Lithuania
Packaging Contents: Flour, cinnamon, cloves, anise
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Flour
Printing Process: Baking

This time we did not seal all delicious taste and aroma inside the bottle – we decorated ‘Vilkmergės Žiemos’ ale with not only a visually beautiful label, but with a label that you can actually eat! It resembles a traditional beer snack, but is presented in a completely new form.

We baked this novelty with cinnamon, cloves and anise – true spices of the winter – and in a process created the perfect snack for the ‘Vilkmergės Žiemos’ ale. Now beer and its label makes a wonderful duo of delicious flavours.