The Humanism

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Design: Mary Vinogradova
Project Type: Concept
Location: Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Book
Packaging Substrate / Materials: plastic, tracing paper, film
Printing Process: Screen printing, laser printing, airbrush

This book is the author’s interpretation of humanism, which was built on the study of terms visualisation. What do we know about a human? How to be humane? The book can’t be an answer, however all the questions were visualized in it. The concept consists of the contrast of medieval knowledge and modern information noise. An element of modernity was complemented by a plastic transparent cover with white paint applied on it.

In the project were used significant dates of humanism in the world; some collages, based on ideas of Albrecht Dürer’s woodcuts and also linear illustrations of scholars who studied the problems of mankind.

What’s Unique?
A combination of different print technologies, such as screen printing on the firm or using an aerograph.