Design: Alejandro Gavancho
Photos: Sumiko Miura
Project Type: Concept
Location: Lima, Peru
Packaging Contents: Personal care products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, recycled paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

A while back, I created the identity branding for Consumo Cuidado, a community that specialises in importing and selling natural, organic and eco-friendly. After having created the initial identity, I then created fictional packaging based on the initial identity work.

The idea of creating this packaging, which was a personal initiative, was to show how you can apply a brand identity following the brand concept, creating eco-friendly products, free from chemicals and animal testing. To achieve this, I designed packaging that was minimalist yet colourful, on glass and recycled paper substrates which all transmit the idea of being an eco-friendly brand.

What’s Unique?
Its minimalist design paired with bright, pastel colours gives this design a clear eco-friendly look while also being down-to-earth and welcoming.