Paoletti Olive Products

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Design: Belén Paoletti
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Aires de Mendoza S.A.
Location: Mendoza, Argentina
Packaging Contents: Olive products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, glass jar
Printing Process: Offset

Line of olive products for the family company Aires de Mendoza S.A. destined to the tourist public that visits our province.

The name Paoletti, was chosen paying homage to the Italian ancestors who emigrated to this land and with great sacrifice they founded this company. The design of this line is inspired by the old postcards that at that time was the only means of communication for immigrants and tourists.

The strategy of this line was to create a package that attracts tourists to buy it as a souvenir from Mendoza. For this, it was investigated on the relevant language of the public and it was proposed to arrive at the nostalgia of the same one.

What’s Unique?
In the line of oils it can be seen that palettes of lighter colors were used for the softer varietals and darker colors for the varietals more fuestes, a mixture of the previous colors for the blend and saturated colors for the intense oil.

The leaves of the illustrations were taken from the same olive trees of the family farm and transferred to the paper with Chinese ink to then digitize them and develop the different compositions.