Petit Pli — Jet packaging



Design: NB Studio
Creative Directors: Alan Dye, Nick Finney
Designer: Sam Pittman
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Petit Pli
Location: London, England
Packaging Contents: Clothing
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Flexography

To you it’s a just a box, to a kid it’s an entire universe…

In their first two years on Earth children grow through seven sizes. That’s a lot of clothes. Petit Pli reduces waste in children’s wear by combining human-centered design methodologies with aerospace engineering techniques, to create innovative garments that grow with your child.

Building on the transformative nature of Petit Pli’s garments, we devised the concept, designed and structurally engineered an origami structure, which allows a simple, robust mailing box to evolve into a wearable jetpack for kids.

The jetpack is a nod to the brand’s aerospace roots and the origami structure pays homage to the garments patent-pending technology. Our design approach not only transformed a functional box into an object for play but also reduced packaging cost per unit by 81.5%.

What’s Unique?
A unique origami structure has been created which allows a simple robust mailing box to transform into a wearable jetpack for kids.

Inside the box, the garments are contained within pleated tissue paper which is a bi–product of the pleating process, ensuring that as little material possible is wasted. The parcel is secured with string which is then reused as the straps for the jetpack.