Design: Vanderbrand – Creative Agency
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Sorelle and Co.
Interior Design: Harvey Wise Design
Location: Canada

Sorelle and Co. is a family-owned, family-friendly bake shoppe and café.

Motivated by both her daughters’ dietary needs as well as her love for cooking, Sorelle and Co.’s founder set out to create a specialized and sophisticated food destination that everyone could enjoy. All items on Sorelle and Co.’s menu are vegan, gluten, soy, sesame, nut, and preservative-free, meaning that everyone can enjoy their products, especially those with allergies and food sensitivities.

The brand’s concept stemmed from a unique opportunity to create a new space centred on a refined, worry-free experience. Consumers are more educated about food and nutrition, but there was a gap between wholesome foods and the luxury market, and that’s where Sorelle and Co. was built. While Sorelle and Co. is primarily a bake shoppe and café, it is also very much a lifestyle brand, designed to inspire food enthusiasts around the world.

The design programme worked in conjunction with the business strategy to create the ideal elevated and worry-free experience. The goal was to change the perception of worry-free food, and to creatively showcase not only the product but also the experience of visiting Sorelle and Co. Through the art direction, custom photography, illustrations, high-end packaging and signage, a culture emerged.

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Influences from French architecture and Parisian café culture were used as a foundation for the design and concept of the overall identity. The brand positioning and elevated confectionery market that has been mastered by French culture also informed the basic fundamentals of the strategy. Bright, pastel colours with metallic accents were selected to create an essence of a wholesome lifestyle experience, while also catering to the luxury space. Using modern, French inspired decorative fonts allowed for the brand’s overarching theme to come to life. Visiting Sorelle and Co. is truly an affair, from walking into the flawlessly designed interiors to unwrapping the packaging, the brand’s the visual language system translated seamlessly over all platforms.

Instagram has been a crucial tool in both creating a new market and reaching the existing niches. In many ways, we are first to market an elevated experience centred around worry-free food. 83% of their followers are women, 41% of their followers are ages 25-34, and 78% of their followers are in Canada. The end goal was to have reach on an international scale, and what we have seen to be most promising is that 22% of their following is outside of Canada– meaning that there really is a large demand for this type of concept, and it’s growing on an international scale.