Glucose by Gatorade: Ready to GO

Derrick Lin


Design: Shraddha Agrawal
Project Type: Student Project
School: ISDI Parsons, Mumbai
Course: Sustainable Packaging Design
Tutor: Ms. Utkarsha
Location: Mumbai, India
Packaging Contents: Instant Energy Powder
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Card Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Instant Energy Drinks have a large market. Packaged in cardboard and plastic boxes the issue with existing packaging is that it is cumbersome to use. I took up the challenge to transform the packaging to fit into the Gen Z lifestyle where measured content is easy to carry and to use “on the go!” Introducing a new product line. Glucose by Gatorade: Ready to GO

Today, Glucose is packaged in cardboard and plastic boxes. The issue with this type of packaging is that it is not one serving. So, every time somebody wants to use the product, they either have to carry the whole box or transfer the required amount into another container. Also, due to moisture especially in humid places like Mumbai, these products get easily spoiled; the powder turns into solid form. Due to these reasons, I chose to take up this product and transform its packaging.

The packaging of the product was visioned to be sustainable and user-friendly. I wanted to give it a sporty and attractive look. I took some inspiration from Gatorade’s original designs.The whole idea behind the packaging was to give it an illusion of football when displayed. Hence, every flavour has a white top and a black top. When placed together, these boxes will look like pieces of football. The material used is paper. It is a one time use packaging and since it is made of paper, it can be discarded anywhere. The content is measured to dosage.

The final product packaging was carefully designed to look sporty and attractive while being user friendly. The inside of the box is coated with food-safe layer to protect the ingredients from deteriorating. The top-open lid makes it easier to use.

What’s Unique?
The USP of this product is that it is made of paper; hence making it sustainable and bio-degradable. The shape is unique and attracts consumers, especially teenage sportsperson (target audience). It has a brand recall value and the best part of the packaging is that it is measured to dosage. The consumer can carry one small box, use it, mix it, drink it and, eventually discard the box. This makes it user friendly and eliminates the need of extra containers.