LeVital Low-fat Dairy



Design: Chemistry brands
Creative director: Lina Nazyrova
Art director: Sergey Ishbulatov
Project Type: Produced
Client: Emil
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Milk
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

LeVital exists on Kazakhstan market more than 5 years and locally is main competitor of Activia (Danone). Lately brand faced problems: outdated appearance and messy communications, poor range navigation and cannibalization inside of the range – low fat products looked exactly like regular range. We created new minimal design for low-fat range leaving it clean only underlining benefits. So new design looked more like functional drink. We left only logo and contoured the text zone so it stood out well on the lively diary shelf of the local supermarket.

What’s Unique?
We altered both packaging design and communications. We implemented clear navigation and emphasised functional benefits. Fine tuning existing brand is a jewellry – like work : image of the brand remained recognisable but became fresh and capable for winning intense market competition.