Design: Studio DEZA
Idea: Ivan Kvasov
Art Director: Irina Shmidt
Brand Strategist: Daria Erasova
Copywriter: Anton Borisov
Designers: Irina Shmidt, Nadejda Polomoshnova, Olga Lyashenko
Technical designer: Kirill Andreev
Project manager: Anna Dokunina
Photographer: Nikita Stepanov
Project Type: Commercial work, Packaging, Identity, Naming and Copywriting
Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Packaging Contents: Food, Foodstuff, Spices

The brand under which in Russia since 2013 food salt and flavoring salt mixes are on sale, wanted to refresh the image and visually structure the range. The purpose of the changes is to make the product lines look holistic, stand out on the shelf and understandable to customers.

We noted that this salt because of the unusual flavors and compositions already stands out. For competent and effective use of positioning it was necessary to bring the range to the general visual concept that the product took a worthy place on the shelf. At the same time, the existing rulers had to be externally divided.

As a product with a wide range and a close approach to packaging design, we have considered the segment of spices — salt neighbors on the shelf. And has used part of its principles.

Concept and naming
The basis of the visual concept was the concept of “professional salt”. “Real chefs use our salt. In the kitchen of this cook must be present all our range. We focus on people who can and love to cook.”
The concept is reflected in the name “PRO Salt” and in the design of the package.

«Pro Salt» packaging reveals the concept of professional salt: restrained, minimalistic, with logically structured information. The label is quite simple, intuitive, with clearly placed accents. The customer can easily understand the line, choose the right salt.

Salt is divided into groups according to the method of preparation, composition and application. Individual colors are provided for each type of salt. The information on the label includes icons indicating the main dishes, in the preparation of which one or another salt can be used.

Accuracy, logic and pithiness — it’s all about professionalism. About this says the package “Pro Salt”. The variety and flavor, so typical for professional look, are inside.