Design: TSMGO
Project Type: Produced
Client: Bodegas Corral
Location: Logroño, Spain
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

Bodegas Corral has its origins 120 years ago in Sojuela, as a family company. During all these years, the enterprise strategy has remained the same, even though many secondary brands have joined the company, such as Don Jacobo, their most recognized one; Altos de Corral, their premium quality wine from single estate vineyards; or Vine Roots, their most vanguardist line. Their most distinctive is the tradition and experience they have from so many years working in the wine industry. In addition, Bodegas Corral does much more than just making wine, they have created a whole experience around it: not only do they offer enoturistic (a kind of turism related to wine) activities, but they are also the only winery in La Rioja located by the Way of Saint James.

They were pursuing a brand-new management strategy and a new image in order to optimize their efforts. Here at TSMGO we detected a poorly defined brand identity, with too many variations of the brand with barely no structure, that makes it difficult for the client to make associations amongst their different varieties and secondary brands. Furthermore, their brand image looks a slightly old fashioned; for this reason, we suggested a renewed look&feel for the brand that makes the best of our client’s traditional identity.

We detect a bad brand structure in which there is no clear hierarchy, which is perceived by the customer and not only generates confusion, but prevents it from associating the different sub-brands with each other and with the central brand Bodegas Corral.

We believe in the need to create a renewed image that represents the essence of Rioja and is consistent with the times. However, this does not have to stop representing the tradition and history of the brand, characteristics that distinguish it from the competition.

In addition, we seek to reflect all this new administrative management and image in a social projection consistent, through events and campaigns that give visibility to Bodegas Corral as a reference of the culture of wine that is.

We gave the company a new structure in which we reinforced Bodegas Corral as the main identity of the brand, always synonymous with quality. The main brand is the central identity in which the rest of the secondary brands are born: Don Jacobo, Altos de Corral, Vine Roots, Viña Martín o Viñas de Tereso, each of them with their own personality, and specially designed for every kind of consumer. We designed a new visual identity, using contemporary features and capturing the historic essence of the brand. This way, we transform the previous too classical and overwhelmed logo into a more plain and smart one. Lastly, in order to give the brand a whole new perspective, TSMGO organized not only their 120th anniversary commemoration, but also every edition of the “Una parada en el Camino” event.

To sum up, we have created a brand-new brand concept for Bodegas Corral, including a restructuration of their secondary brand functioning and a renewal of their image. As a consequence, the perception the consumer gets from them is completely different and has been designed to have the best results.