Derrick Lin


Design: HOUTH
Project Type: Produced
Client: GQ Taiwan
Location: Taiwan
Packaging Contents: Whisky
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Recycled glass
Printing Process: Digital printing, offset printing, hot foil stamping, embossing

GQ Taiwan collaborated with Scottish whisky brand Glenfiddich and three award-winning mixologists on a campaign to promote cocktail bars in Taiwan. HOUTH designed the labels with portraits of the mixologists, and the bottles were made from recycled glass by Spring Pool Glass.

The bottle, label, and box are all inspired by alchemy. The bottle design is based on the classic laboratory bottle, from its shape to its color, the raised print and the logo. The bottle itself is made from recycled glass with a mold-blown technique. The portraits on the labels are decorated with illustrations connected to alchemy (like the sun, moon, smoke, and symbols), which makes it look more modern and chic overall. When it hit the market, it was really hot! Eight hundred limited edition sets were sold within just two weeks, and it got really good feedback on social media, as well as in the press, and even among friends.

This packaging design is entered in the Golden Pin Design Award 2019 Communication design category.

What’s Unique?
The recycled glass bottles were manufactured by Spring Pool Glass, as a part of its W Glass Project.