Læsk – Democratising Kombucha


Agency: Everland
Senior Designer: Jonathan Faust
Strategy Director: Christian Halsted
Design Director: Mikael Tonning
Senior Creative Artworker & Photographer: Martin Højer Kofod
Project Type: Produced
Client: Læsk
Location: Denmark
Packaging Contents: Kombucha
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital printing

Every year, IKEA invites the world to take part in their Democratic Design Days. This year, a much-anticipated news story will be the launch of a new kombucha brand by Læsk – made exclusively for IKEA and developed by Everland.

Since early 2019, Læsk has been part of IKEA’s boot camp programme, working together on getting fermentation and kombucha into the IKEA product range. This new brand will bring boldness, freshness and fermentation to the food offerings of IKEA through three simple steps. First, you brew your favourite tea, then mix in some sugar and lastly add a can of kombucha base.

“Kombucha brewing should be for everybody,” says Line Hoff, Co-founder at Læsk. “Many people get nervous when somebody talks about fermentation. But it is not difficult to get started. With this new brand, we can truly democratise kombucha. The playful yet simple illustrations make it accessible and friendly so everybody can get started”.

Danish design agency Everland has helped develop the new brand and packaging design. A design that draws on the characteristic Læsk brand universe the agency also helped design less than two years ago.

“When we first began working with Læsk, they were in the early start-up stage. In just 18 months, they have become the kombucha darling of Denmark. And now, IKEA is ready to make kombucha brewing accessible for everybody with this new brand. It is an exciting journey to be part of”, adds Christian Halsted, Strategy Director & Partner at Everland.

Læsk has set out to change the soft drink industry for good. Opposite conventional sodas, Laesk use fermentation as the key to unlock flavours and reduce sugar. The result is healthier and more complex sodas. The Danish company took off in 2017 and is currently distributed across all Denmark. The new kombucha kit was revealed at the Democratic Design Days and selected as this year’s food news in IKEA. The first launch is in Prague, then the world.