The Genuine Gin&Tonic Book

Derrick Lin


Design: Feroz Estudio
Project Type: Produced
Client: Toque
Location: Alicante, Spain
Packaging Contents: Garments
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Cardboard
Printing Process: Blind Embossing, Foil Stamping, Offset Printing

Toque is the brand specializing in seasonings and condiments for cooking and mixology, whose purpose is to make see what is really important lies in small things and that’s enough to learn to enjoy them to make everything change. Turning the routine into an experience that you can relish every day. Mixology is one of its main product lines, which through its botanical and citrus proposals seeks to turn a simple glass into a tasting, creative, unique and fun experience.

Toque has a privileged position as a pioneer brand in launching this product to the market. This product is the genuine mixology kit for Gin &Tonic in Spain and seeking its renewal was to take a step in terms of product usability and appearance, taking advantage of its own visual territory, taking a parallel path regarding its competition and trying to maximize the packaging structure in relation to its content.

With the aim of renewing the current design of the 10 botanicals box for Gin & Tonic, the proposal is based on generating a brand image related to the new graphic territory of the mixology range of products, focusing its content on the botanicals sold individually and in short, revitalize the life cycle of the product, providing greater attractiveness for the consumer. The renovation proposal had to be differentiated from existing competing products, provide an evolutionary step in product usability and fit into the new brand graphic territory of the brand in a functional and attractive format.

This need to provide a differential value regarding the competition seeking to claim the pioneering position of the brand with the aim of exploiting its facet as creator of the product, as well as looking for an alternative differentiating format, led to the choice of the structure of the box, alluding to the book. The result is an original box in book format that not only contains the basic tools to prepare an unforgettable gin&tonic along with eight botanicals and two citrus selected from the brand, but a booklet that deals with the origins, curiosities, perfect serve and use of the dressings with the famous cocktail. The choice of this structure makes it an ideal decorative object to integrate in the library or in the bar furniture of any home.

This is emphasised in the hardcover with the floral&organic style blind embossed pattern of the mixology range and the black foil print finish of graphic elements. The inside cover, inner box and booklet were binded and printed on Fedrigoni´s Sirio Color Pearl in black spot color.

What’s Unique?
While the rest of the competing products are displayed in a horizontal box format, we decided to give it a twist.

The choice of the structure of the box in book format, not only allowed us to take advantage of the available space in a different way, but it allowed us not only to insert a booklet of interesting content about the world of this cocktail and its relation with the product and the brand, also give us the possibility to look for a different lace as an object within a stay in the house.

Likewise, the selected print finishes turn it into a packaging that fuses aesthetic and good taste without attracting attention, climbing a step in presence with respect to its direct competitors.

Material & Print Specifications:
Cover:Cardboard hardcover with Fedrigoni´s Arcodesign White binding
Inside cover: Fedrigoni Sirio Color Pearl
Packaging finishings: Blind Embossing, black block foil print
Booklet: Black spot color printing on Fedrigoni´s Sirio Color Pearl