Makosh desserts



Design: Twin Branding
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Frozen Desserts
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Twin Branding based in Moscow has developed a packaging design concept for MAKOSH healthy desserts. Out work is based on the qualitative consumer study (30 in-depth interviews with healthy food consumers) and on our desk research.

Healthy food consumers are people with good discipline, who follow their own rules and who always know why they do this. Motivations may be different, but they all seem to have the same pain: lack of opportunity to eat really tasty and exciting desserts. They dream about a product that will not be a compromise between their taste expectations and healthy eating rules. They need a place in their lives for bright emotions related with food. Something, exciting with taste, but having irreproachable content of ingredients. Makosh desserts meet all these expectations, with their ideal recipe, taste and texture. Desserts are made of fresh fruit, nuts and superfoods and are fast-frozen. They contain no sugar, flour or any other “unhealthy” components.

What’s Unique?
While working on the design we wanted to elicit the consumer’s emotional appeal, create the promise of bright taste and of pleasure. At the same time, we had to inform the consumer about the content of a new unknown type of product. The product zone on the facing features the balance of ingredients.