Moura Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Derrick Lin


Design: 4 Bajo Cero
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Galeo
Product Launch Location: Spain
Packaging Contents: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass
Printing Process: Screen printed

Made from a selection of olives of the Cobransosa variety of early collection, grown in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. Moura is an experience designed especially for restaurants and gastronomic venues. Bottled in a different container and adapted to the needs of the restoration. Its size makes it perfect to place on the table of the most demanding diners and, its clean and transparent design allows to see this olive juice before use.

What’s Unique?
The image of the Moura is captured on the bottle, whose legend has inspired us to create this unique EVOO.