Derrick Lin


Design: Saturna Studio
Location: Mexico
Project Type: Produced
Client: Denisse Díaz
Product Launch Location: Mexico
Packaging Contents: Premium Tea Leaves
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Cardboard, Aluminium, Glass Bottle
Printing Process: Flexography, Digital Printing, Screen Printing

Quinto is a tea store located in Mexico City. This brand offers a wide variety of premium teas from China. Our work consisted developing naming process, master brand concept to the whole graphic and packaging system for all their products. The Quinto’s leading concept rise to the idea of creating a brand based in the chinese alchemy. This was shaped along with illustrations, information structure and color palette, taking influence from the 5 elements of the tea chinese alchemy; water, fire, wood, air and soil.

What’s Unique?
Our concept for Quinto is based on Chinese Tea alchemy culture, covering the brand graphic system and packaging with a surreal unique illustration, providing a neat and sophisticated look and feel.