6 beers about M!

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Design: Marco Arroyo Vázquez
Location: Spain
Project Type: Student Project
School: ESI Escuela Superior de Diseño de Valladolid
Course: 2º EASD
Tutor: Manuel Salviejo
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
Printing Process: Serigraphy & pad printing

Developing an elevator speech about a six-pack of beer, which is part of my personal brand!. I have put together both aspects of packaging and branding in this design which are the areas I want to specialise in.

Let me introduce myself by these beers:
01_I’m M, a millennial, a madman & a nerd!
02_ They say that I’m an animal but underneath I’m a sentimental!
03_I don’t have friends, I have family! (Feels like Dominic Toretto)
04_Hakuna Matata! Live, design & be happy!
05_I know that I won’t like everyone, not everyone has good taste!
06_Give me 1-minute & I’ll be good, give me 1-hour & I’ll the greatest.
Give me an opportunity & you won’t regret it!
(Feels like General Hannibal, The A Team).