Design: TSMGO – the show must go on
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Bodegas Gil Berzal
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wine


Behind a wine is the hand and philosophy of its creator; and that of Saul Gil-Berzal is unruly, rebellious… To escape from dogma conventionalism and return to one’s origins to create wines in the most natural way that reflect the surroundings in which they are harvested. With this premise, we build the concept of Bohemian Viticulture, bringing together all the wines from this small winery and serving as the connecting thread for each of the ranges that make it up.

Wines with no tricks, no pretending; bottled moments that transport us to the place where they were born.

The intervention of TSMGO has been to give consistency and coherence to this concept in each of its manifestations and to establish a scale across the range.

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– Properly segment the wine range in which the new configuration of Rioja clearly states the differentiation of plot, location and town.
– Reinforce brand values through packaging: spontaneity, simplicity and with little intervention.
– To convey a Premium positioning of this development in the packaging.
– Eye-catching, attractive packaging to captivate the consumer, displaying what they are to experience.

Under the umbrella of Bohemian Viticulture, we put together a discourse and an iconography that serves to give coherence to the whole range.

Bohemian Viticulture: To flee from conventionalisms, from dogma, to return to one’s origins and abstract to create, without intervention, a wine willing to transport us to its birthplace.

The garage wine concept falls short of expressing what these wines truly represent:
Wines that extract the vineyard’s most personal character and its human dimension: free, without labels, vindicating the concept of terroir and its diversity, its climatic, hydrological, topographical particularities… Respectful with nature, based on tradition and customs such as soil observation, work at the foot of the vineyard and respecting nature’s own timing, marked by the plants themselves, not by administrations.

The most Premium range is composed of two wines, Glorya and Alma Pura, which pay homage to the vine grower’s mother and the philosophy that permeates the entire range, avoiding religious significance and transporting us to the Soul of nature as a capital element of Bohemian Viticulture.

The following range, Recovecos, refers to that hidden, almost magical corner, where unique things happen which are manifested in the wines produced. Dynamic memories of life emerging through images; full of nuances and detail.

Glorya and Alma Pura have a label configuration that responds to a classic Burgundy wine composition, in which it is accompanied by explanatory literature, where the naked brand and the author’s intervention, by way of their signature, seals the ensemble. Production with cotton paper and techniques such as stamp-printing furnish the ensemble with a set of natural artisan nuances, reminiscent of the origins of the graphic arts. Specific highlighted elements in gold stamping make the ensemble stand out.

The bottles selected correspond to a range reserved for Grands Crûs.

Recoveco takes us to a corner of the Sierra de Cantabria where you can appreciate the special elements that make the environment unique, with clear evocative inspiration. The contemporary detailed hand-drawn illustration transports us to that space and what happens there. A label with details which reveal that there is more than what we apparently perceive.

We create a range with a strong, recognizable personality; one which serves to lock each of the wines in the segment to which they belong. A visual universe that unifies and distinguishes the brand.