Intervinil 7 Maravillas del Ecuador

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Design: Lemon
Location: Ecuador
Project Type: Produced
Client: Pintuco Ecuador
Product Launch Location: Ecuador
Packaging Contents: Paint
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tin

The new Intervinil® collection of Pintuco® sought to differentiate itself from previous collections of colors made, the product label had not been redesigned for almost 14 years, most labels in this category carry photos of environments, along with thick fonts or with textures that do not attract the consumer.

Our challenge was to build Pintuco® brand value, focusing on the sense of belonging of Ecuadorians through a cultural campaign.

Consolidate Pintuco® as an ECUADORIAN brand, and motivate consumers to take an emotional tour of Ecuador, so that they recognize the “Wonders” that the country has.

We created a website, the 7 most voted landscapes were chosen, among some tourist places of Ecuador full of color, that gave life to this beautiful collection. This is how the “7 Wonders of Ecuador” Collection of Intervinil® by Pintuco® was born. Under this idea, the richness of the flora and fauna was reflected in an illustrated mosaic where representative icons of our country stand out, which is part of the graphic line of the collection.

In search of breaking with the traditional scheme of paint labels, we decided to create a label that allows us to identify with Ecuador.

How did we do it? This inspiration called “The 7 Wonders of Ecuador” is based on a concept that reflects color in different destinations in Ecuador.

What’s Unique?
The Packaging of the “7 Wonders of Ecuador” collection, enhanced for Pintuco Ecuador, receives Bronze in the Graphic Design – Packaging category at the Independent Advertising Festival (FEPI), held in Rosario – Argentina.