Sydney NSW, Australia

Design: WhatCameNext_
Location: Australia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Victoria Bitter
Product Launch Location: Oceania
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Cardboard, aluminium can

First brewed back in 1854, Victoria Bitter is the best-selling beer in Australia and one of the most iconic beers in the world. Brewed specifically for the harsh Aussie climate, VB is a full strength, full flavoured beer. When tasked with the redesign, WCN_ needed to ensure that it evolved the brand to remain relevant with its existing loyal audience whilst also connecting with the next generation of drinkers.

While remaining respectful of the powerful visual assets, it was important that the redesign enabled the Victoria Bitter brand to project itself with impact and confidence across its many touchpoints including packaging, ATL comms, merchandise and sponsorship. The brand needed to evolved to ensure application could be consistent, yet flexible, and that the single minded pride of the brand could be maintained.

Within the redesign the brand icon evolved becoming circular, this enabled the mark to be applied easily across traditional and digital formats. The creation of a suite of supporting visual equities breathed new life into the brand. We developed a typographic portfolio to complement the brand ensure contemporaneity and authority could be delivered in a fresh and engaging way for the brand.

The redesign needed to drive modernity into the brand, whilst also being mindful of the past. Known throughout Australia as ‘The Original Big Cold Beer’ the application of the equities were used oversized to add stature and confidence.