Finmel – B2B Flour Packaging

Derrick Lin


Design: Boryana Valeva
Location: Bulgaria
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Flour
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Offset printing

This is a B2B packaging design concept for the flour manufacturer Finmel. The pattern is taken from the logo and represents wheat grains. The packages are colourful, minimal and the different types of flour are easily distinguished.

Boryana Valeva has chosen bright and pleasant colours, which are preferably to be printed in pantone colours on white paper. These are B2B packages, which means that they will not be put on shelves and the logo and text will not be hidden by the signs on the shelves. The very different colours make every type of flour easily noticed and not mistaken. Yet the design is minimal with no unnecessary distracting elements. The logo is also made by Boryana Valeva.