Agency: ZOCA
Creative Director: Jose Garcia
Location: Canada
Project Type: Produced
Client: stel+mar
Product Launch Location: Canada
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Can

ZOCA was approached to design the brand identity and packaging system for stel+mar, a premium wine company from Canada. The task was to design a brand identity and packaging system that felt modern, premium and would feel unique within the marked of canned wine. Among those visual key targets for the packaging, it was also important that the identity had a strong connection to the two co-founders from stel+mar.

The mark was inspired by how the co-owners became a partnership through their passion for good wine, family and their horticultural involvement. The letterforms were intentionally dissected; embedding a meaning that at the very core of the mark it is sturdily rooted under a surface of earth, love and hard work. In addition to crafting an identity, a series of packaging and merchandise items were designed in an effort to help promote their unique premium wine brand experience and culture.

stel+mar isn’t just premium wine – it’s premium wine made to fit your lifestyle. Sure, there’s a time and place for the pageantry of uncorking and decanting a fine bottle of wine – but is it essential to the everyday wine-drinking experience?

We prefer wine that’s simple, easy to drink and delicious. And we think you will too.