Design: Elmwood (Leeds)
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Carlsberg
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Cider
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, can

Our Leeds team was given a juicy challenge. Cider brand Somersby was already bearing fruit for Carlsberg. The brand had built a strong emotional connection with consumers around the world. But with many new brands entering the market, we wanted to build on Somersby’s success and keep ahead of competition. The opportunity was to elevate the brand and break the traditional cider category tropes and create something more than just a cider. Carlsberg wanted to bring simplicity to its multi-tier brand architecture, as well as flexibility to meet the needs of different market environments. Somersby wanted to ensure that it continued to be distinctive, ownable, recognisable and campaignable. The brand was ripe for a refresh.

In a time of growing consumer uncertainty and complexity, Somersby’s opportunity was to create a culture of optimism, connecting with consumers’ desire to seek moments of happiness with friends and family. We created the ‘Refreshingly Optimistic’ positioning for Somersby, addressing a growing need of its consumers to let off steam and unwind together with friends and to seek relief at low energy moments.

The new positioning makes Somersby a beacon of optimism, encouraging consumers to embrace the lighter side of life. By creating a distinct point of view to root the brand, as well as fixed and flexible brand assets Somersby could build distinctiveness, consistency and freedom across its portfolio and markets. By refreshing its brand architecture, we made Somersby an occasion-based fruity sparkling alcoholic drink – rather than an apple cider – allowing it to stretch into new drinking occasions traditionally dominated by wine, cocktails and beer.

What’s Unique?
The positioning, ‘Refreshingly Optimistic’ is a rallying cry encouraging consumers to come together, enjoy carefree time and embrace life. Every asset was designed to be a ‘smile in the mind’, to tell the Somersby brand story and to bring its brand values of sharing, being uplifting and embracing optimism to life. Moving away from the literal interpretation of an apple tree, an established category code, our Leeds team developed the idea of a ‘living tree’ – a dynamic symbol with many expressions bringing the various flavours to life. Flowing curves paired with bright colours welcome consumers to a refreshingly optimistic brand, in complete alignment with the new positioning. The fixed iconic shape provides meaningful brand architecture, whilst the flexible canopy brings each of the refreshing flavours to life, capturing the individual tasting notes.