Design: Elmwood
Location: UK
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Zero-alcohol drink

Elmwood Leeds creates Amplify, a bold, playful new zero-alcohol drinks brand that is “Free of alcohol, free in spirit.”

Intercontinental Brands – the company behind Slingsby – has launched Amplify, its first ever zero-alcohol distilled spirit brand, created by Elmwood Leeds.

Elmwood developed the brand strategy, the value proposition and distinctive point of view, as well as its name, visual identity, tone of voice, packaging design, and the website design and development.

Through its brand strategy process, Elmwood discovered that drinkers not only wanted alcohol free alternatives but also alcohol free experiences; a night out you could remember. Our target audience are thirsty for unique sensorial and drinking experiences, as well as meaningful connections with brands that share their attitudes.

To reflect the notion that zero-alcohol does not mean compromise, Elmwood defined ‘Open yourself up to a sensory adventure’ as the brand’s distinctive point of view.

The brand’s point of view celebrates the differences and benefits it offers beyond its alcoholic equivalents. Elmwood named it ‘Amplify’ with to signify that the brand is all about making the most of the moment by accentuating your senses, not dulling them with alcohol.

Every aspect of our brand toolkit, including its tone of voice, needed to bring Amplify to life. The bold, confident and full-spectrum sensorialism of the brand’s point of view translated directly into the brand’s design strategy. Not only does it have an expressive, hand-drawn brand marque, but its design language is a vibrant painterly canvas. Amplify’s label is a bespoke piece of art, hand-created by Sophie Abbott, an independent Brighton-based artist, and influenced by the drink’s delicate flavours. This bold, textural canvas adds energy, excitement and attitude, contradicting the traditionally conservative visual language of the category. The rich colours also dial up the flavour cues in an abstract, premium and engaging way. Amplify’s sense of freedom is heightened further via the brand signifier – the flying Amplify bird breaking out of a circle.

Creating your own unique drinking experiences is encouraged through cocktail suggestions on the website, which has been designed and developed by Elmwood. Interactive events, tastings and further launch activation will follow.

Clare Gibson, Marketing Director at Intercontinental Brands said: “We are always experimenting with new flavours and innovating within the drinks market. After seeing incredible growth with Slingsby, we are thrilled to introduce Amplify, our newest brand and our first alcohol-free distilled spirit to the world. Elmwood instantly captured the essence and unique character of Amplify. Amplify is about making the most of the moment and treating drinkers to a sensorial experience they won’t forget. “

Amplify’s owner, Intercontinental Brands, is known for Slingsby gin and their unique Spirit of Harrogate store which offers spirit master-classes and gin-making experiences. Amplify is available in Morrisons and is its first alcohol-free spirit.