Carman’s Aussie Oats


Agency: Elmwood Melbourne
Creative Directors: Bianka Voight, Paul Greskie
Designer: Ania Drozd
Illustrator: Ania Drozd
Photographer: Dan Magree 
Stylist: Lisa La Barbera
Location: Australia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Carman’s
Product Launch Location: Australia
Packaging Contents: Snack Bars
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Card Box

To help Carman’s crack the healthy snack market for kids, we unleashed the power of imagination.

For over 6 years, Elmwood has been the strategic brand partner for Carman’s, a proudly Australian-owned business that has grown to become a household name.

While Carman’s muesli and snack ranges enjoy strong brand recognition among adult shoppers, their attempts to appeal to school-aged audiences weren’t as successful in the past. So they approached Elmwood to help solve this challenge.

Aussie Oats was born
We developed the visual identity for a new range of oat bars that built on Carman’s existing premium quality credentials and delivered visual cues of being ‘naturally delicious’.

Aussie Oat bars had to appeal to both parents and their families, balance taste with healthier cues, and dial up the brand’s unique personality with added playfulness.

And above all, it had to be a product that kids loved and actually want to take to school.

Our process began with an audit of the entire category. From there, we developed the positioning, creative territories and naming. The idea we developed was more than just a range, but a creative platform built on imagination: Wonder Oats.



The power of Wonder Oats
Bursting with personality, our creative platform encouraged imaginative play, sparked wonder and dialled up the ’super power’ nature of our ingredients.

Our ‘Wonder Oats’ creative talked to the idea of ‘wonderful and fullness’. And visually, we borrowed cues from nature—like vibrant rainbows and playful clouds to help reinforce the product’s naturally ‘better for you’ proposition. For each unique flavour, we brought to life the wonder of the ingredients using fun, positive language and lively visuals that delighted the senses.

Through design thinking, we aimed to educate kids about the nutritional power of oats using imaginative storytelling on packs. We also used the power of imagination to enchant kids and help parents tap into their inner child and sense of curiosity. We made them wonder: what does a flavour look like? What do colours taste like?”

It was all designed to encouraged shoppers and their kids to ‘explore the wonder’ of Aussie Oat bars.