Agency: Mildberry
Art director: Antonina Shvets
Design director: Anastasia Igolnikova
Development and Artworks: Ivan Zherebin
Creative director: Igor Mospanov
Prepress and 3D: Vitaly Gavrish
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Dmitrogorskiy product
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Dairy

Brief & objectives
Dmitrogorsky Product is a Russian company, specializing in food production. It has a wide product portfolio, including high-quality dairy, made at their own farms. The main project objective was to develop a new visual identity for the functional line under the company’s dairy brand Truly Yours. The old design did not match the high quality of the goods, some of which are unique for the Russian market. New line includes original “baked yogurt”, high-protein products in “to go” formats, smart ingredients like chia seeds, dairy desserts with unusual flavours (for example, peach & lychee).

Design concept
The new design concept was developed with consideration of two important points. Firstly, it had to translate the quality of responsibly farmed dairy. Secondly, the concept needed to bring these carefully farmed products into an urban area. The new visual identity of the line combines these two main ideas. The collection of custom-crafted illustrations transmits the flow of modern lifestyle and an easygoing mood. Designs match the category, but at the same time create a unique image of human-centric dairy brand, focused on modern conscious consumers.

The new line is started to be distributed to major Russian retail chains. Products are getting very positive feedback from the customers so far.