Design: Diana Romero
Location: Portugal
Project Type: Concept
Product Launch Location:
Packaging Contents: Essential Oils, Moisturising Cream, Aromatherapy
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Amber glass bottle, Mycelium, Cypress Wood, Recycled Paperboard
Printing Process: Silk-screen printing

Arilogy® is a self-initiated project.

The brand was designed to focus on the wellbeing of the user, and as the name suggests, to have a clinical and scientific approach on aromatherapy.

After a deep benchmark analysis, the approach adopted was to create a differentiated product, based on the balance between a contemporary look and therapeutic credibility.

The logo has an Erlenmeye flask as its main graphic element, which is used in the distillation process of essential oils. The type chosen for the lettering was Galderglynn 1884, a sans-serif typography, that is also used throughout the packaging and brand communication.

The aesthetics needed to convey the brand guidelines of clean beauty and sustainable luxury to reveal the purity of the organic ingredients used.

Coloured with minimal hand-drawn illustrations inspired by Henri Matisse’s large-scale paper cut-outs and its lively color palette. Some say this cut-out exercise could also produce a therapeutic effect for the artist, relieving the pain from his previous surgeries.

The inner packaging features an embedded label and for that the technique of silk-screen was chosen, printed with two spot colours that allow the content to be revealed through the bottle, jar and cup. This technique also prevents the information from being erased when refilling the product in the store.

Amber glass was chosen for its strength, clean appearance, and total recyclability. Glass is a highly sustainable and safe material and the amber color protects the light-sensitive content.

What’s Unique?
For the outer packaging account was taken to select eco-friendly materials with second life purpose.

Mycelium is an innovative material in terms of packaging and a response to the changes needed to be taken for environmental protection and sustainability. Molded mycelium can be used for the display of the essential oils and moisturising body creams. Mycelium is also fully biodegradable and compostable.

The essential information is printed in a coarse uncoated and recycled paperboard, with forest management certification to communicate key messages from the brand to the final user.