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Design: Heba Tarek
Location: Egypt
Project Type: Student Project
School: Applied Arts, Helwan University
Tutor: Dalia Mohsen
Packaging Contents: Pens, Pencils, Geometric tools
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Metal, Carton
Printing Process: Digital printing

My project is all about creating an imaginative fantasy that motivates the younger generations to use Bedaya pens and pencils as I created two characters and had a story for each. For the pencils I had my character Sketching fearlessly not afraid of making mistakes just sketching what’s on his mind which is the message I want to deliver is to be as free as possible in the sketching phase.

As for the colored pencils, I had the character sliding on a rainbow and this is the part where fantasy kicks in that motivates you to let your creativity guides you. For the Colored pens I Created a character that is seated drawing the outlines of a scene in a sketchbook each time with a different color and that scene becomes a reality behind her and it turns into a colored picture with the pen used and the meaning behind it is that everything starts with a simple outline and then it turns into a beautiful painting and all you need to achieve it is to use the Bedaya pens.

As for the second part of the project I made different characters for each geometric tool and each character has the tool promoted as it’s body. I wanted to use some fun colors and bold characters that makes the packaging more fun and less intimidating as many people find geometrical tools hard to deal with specially schoolers and I hope that the characters resonate with the people and each finds a part of their personality in one of them I also think that having the tool as a body and emphasizing it with it being a pattern in the background make it clearer to people than just having all the geometric shapes at once and having to figure it out solely through the typography.

What’s Unique?
I feel that the characters created are unique each design tells a story with the colors and patterns used that hopefully motivates people to buy and use the products.