Derrick Lin


Designer: Claire Hartley
Photographer: Tara Liondaris
Copywriter: Idea Dolls London
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Into The Wylde
Product Launch Location: United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Organic intimate lubricant
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood pulp & plastic
Printing Process: Offset printing

Into The Wylde was founded by Kathie Bishop, a medical herbalist who helps women combat recurrent vaginal infections using herbal medicine, dietary and lifestyle interventions. Kathie set out to create a lubricant brand for women, made specifically with women’s physical needs in mind and designed to be actively beneficial for a healthy intimate environment. Into The Wylde’s debut product is ‘Wylde One’ a water-based lubricant which is made from five dynamic botanicals, has an intimately balanced pH and is certified vegan and organic.

We created a visual identity that’s a harmonious balance between elegance and play. The hand-drawn logo brings an organic yet sensual feel – a nod to the brand concept of connecting with our inner Wylde One. Paired with a rich colour palette of pinks and greens, the aesthetic is flirtatiously vibrant. The look and feel expresses femininity through its essence, with a sexy, adventurous tone that invites you to reawaken play.

The packaging features hand-illustrated nudes seductively wrapped in wild botanicals – referencing the product’s natural ingredients. It was important the brand’s nude (which, we nicknamed Freida on account of her powerful poses and effervescent confidence) emerge from her botanical backdrop strong and unabashed. So often do we see feminine nudity as either oversexed or somehow hidden and secretive.

The brand tone of voice and messaging was written by Idea Dolls London and was inspired by Kathie’s straight-talking tone and journey to creating the brand. The tone of voice had to approach sexuality in a gentler way, showing respect to the emotional and psychological complexities of female sexuality – all that with sophistication which fitted our visual identity.

For the launch, we worked with photographer Tara Liondaris to encapsulate the whole identity in a collection of product and lifestyle images.

What’s Unique?
The tube itself is made from wood pulp and plastic, meaning it can be recycled easily as either.