AIM’s Matchbox

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Design: Ritika Suryawanshi
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Packaging Contents: Matchsticks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Floral foam

ITC’s range of Safety Matches includes this popular brand known as ‘AIM’. The specialty of AIM’s matchbox is the fact that the sticks are made of wax and are longer in length therefore, they burn for a longer duration. Also, the sticks are strong and do not break easily.

Problems with existing packaging :

  • Picking one out of the lot gets messy
  • Opening from the wrong end results in falling of the matchsticks
  • Box is not sturdy enough
  • Sometimes, not all the heads of matchsticks are on one side

The design strategy behind this was to redesign the package by improving its functionality and making its graphics more informative while restricting its manufacturing cost to its current manufacturing cost.

The floral foam makes the packaging sturdy and at the same time works as a base for the matchstick that keeps them in place.

Form :
The existing design is basically a cuboidal drawer with a sleeve made up of cardboard. However my design reduces the use of material and makes it more user-friendly


  • The patch used for lighting the matchstick has been placed at a certain angle because people have a habit to tilt the box while striking against the surface.
  • The information that every customer looks for has been placed perfectly in the center so that it grabs attention.
  • Warnings have been mentioned and it makes it more informative and interactive.


  • The matchsticks are placed at a certain level so that it is easy to remove and also for the user to have a tendency to use matchstick one after the other.
  • Also, in this way, all the heads of the splints are always at the top.