Legend Of The White Snake

Design: Lung-Hao Chiang
Location: Taiwan
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Gin Visual Design
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Plastic
Printing Process: Digital printing, Screen printing

Inspired by an old Chinese love story 《The Legend Of The White Snake》, the white snake in the story loses her human disguise because she drinks the herb wine, and therefore loses her love.

Tasting the ancient Oriental love story with herb aroma and juniper fruit flavor.

《Legend of the White Snake》 is a Chinese legend that existed as oral traditions before any written compilation. The story tells of a young scholar who falls in love with a beautiful woman, unaware that she is a thousand-year-old white snake that has taken on human form. Although the scholar and the snake woman are genuinely in love with each other, their relationship is forbidden by nature’s law. When a Buddhist abbot discovers her true origin, Lady White Snake must fight for both her marriage and her freedom, It was the story of 《Ghost (1990 film)》 made by the orient.

What’s Unique?
Based on the story of the white snake, the classic passages in the story are selected, The sticker on the bottle combines with the image of the snake tongue, and the illustration also combines with the image of a snake to visualize the aroma of the wine.