Design: Brandexpert
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Water

Waterful is the first Russian brand of spring water in environmentally friendly paper packaging created with care for your health and nature. The Waterful’s spring is located in the Caucasus Mountains in the untouched forest of the Salt Lake natural reserve. Today, Waterful is the first Russian water in eco-friendly and fully recyclable packaging. Branding Agency BRANDEXPERT elaborated a full-fledged branding project including Brand Strategy, Brand Naming, Identity Design, Packaging Design, Brand Guidelines, and Catalog.

Waterful brand name reflects the whole palette of values and meanings behind the brand’s philosophy: water + beautiful, tasteful, healthful, mindful, careful, etc. Waterful is a new word in conscious water consumption.
Minimalistic identity and packaging design support brand ideas and values. The abundance of white and light blue tones in the color code reflects the natural purity of spring water, the brand’s care for your health, beauty, and the environment.

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