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Design: Lola Téllez
Location: Spain
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Seeds / Bulbs
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Seeds paper, clay, metal
Printing Process: Biodegradable ink and eco-friendly printing

Botanicely is a personal project done with love and dedication for a botanical garden. It is a tribute to the English illustrator Cicely Mary Barker, author of the illustrations for the Flower Fairies children’s stories. It also takes as a reference the botanical illustrations of the 18th century.

The visual identity of the brand brings to mind the idea of life almost literally. We are talking about a visual identity for a botanical garden, full of life, color, changing nature, etc. To achieve this idea, the visual language changes according to the season of the year. The logo has four different versions in which the ligatures change depending on the season; and the color palette also changes. For example, in winter we find cold colors but in summer there are warm tones.

The design of the packaging for seeds and bulbs is made of two main elements. On the one hand, a biodegradable seed paper box that contains the seeds themselves or the bulb. And on the other hand, a 3d clay flower attached to a metal structure.

Each box has a different paper texture, since each one is made from the plant itself (seeds, petals, leaves, small twigs). The name of the flower appears on the front face with some illustrations to help the user to identify the plant. The logo changes depending on the season in which the plant in question blooms. For example, passion flower is a plant that blooms in summer, so in the passion flower seed packaging we find the summer logo, the name “passion flower”, illustrations of this flower and the box paper is made from different parts of this plant.

For its part, the ceramic flower is attached to the box through a metal structure at the top of the box. This element can help to indicate where we have planted the plant and what plant we have decided to plant. It is an identifier resistant to weather conditions and at the same time respectful of the environment. It can also be used to decorate bouquets of flowers. This is very useful since many plants are difficult to identify until they have grown. This way we can be sure of which plant we have planted and where.

As it is so ecofriendly, the box can be planted directly in the ground and watered. The box will decompose on its own and the identifier will help us until the full plant has grown.

What’s Unique?
The beauty of this design is to transmit the idea of the brand’s living identity in an almost literal way. If water is poured on the packaging we have a living piece with a plant growing inside it. It is also very attractive to combine an ecological design with the elegance and subtlety of the botanical illustrations, the ceramic flower, the color palette that changes depending on the time when the plant blooms and the logo, which also helps to set the seasonal rhythm. In addition, the practical function of the beautiful ceramic flower must be highlighted, as it lets us know what we have planted and where it has been planted.