Brewhouse Ice Tea Brand Refresh

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Agency: Bakheda
Creative Director: Anant Ahuja
Art Director: Tanveer Karan Singh
Illustrator: Jyotirmayee Patra
Creative Director: Arvid Lithander
Location: India
Project Type: Produced
Client: Brewhouse Tea
Product Launch Location: India
Packaging Contents: Ice Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, Pet Bottles
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Logo, monogram
When creating a custom logo, we wanted to distinctly represent the unique message that Brewhouse embodies. The flowy, handcrafted lettering echoes the organic and refreshing characteristics of the beverage.

When we need our logo at a smaller size, we switch to our monogram, which is built from modified versions of the letters found in the Primary logo. This makes a responsive logo system that is hardworking and agile.

As part of the new brand identity, we developed an extensive color palette – from warm and refreshing, and neutral and confident. This way, these colors relate as much to what the brand stands for as they do to their products.

With its soft, gentle shapes to its fluid, angular strokes, Recoleta, the primary typeface, gives us a familiar typeface that manages to bring in a fresh and modern touch. It also exhibits a variety of weights that provide a range of choices that help us give Brewhouse some typographic color. The secondary typeface Brandon Grotesque gives us a much-needed breakthrough its geometric-style san serif characters.

Illustrations, adaptable patterns, etc
Like every other element in Brewhouse’s visual arsenal, the illustrations are designed to be adaptable. Available as square blocks, pattern strips, and emblem like backgrounds, they lend themselves to various forms of usage. The somewhat realistic, yet styled approach speaks of the brands positioning as organic, natural, and affable.

Brewhouse ice tea is packaged in bottles that are shaped in an agreeably atypical manner. We use silhouettes of these bottles as elements for secondary illustrations, creating meditative patterns that have a calming effect, just like tea. This paved a way for Brewhouse to initiate excitement within its customer base.

With the two currently available sizes for ice tea – 350ml glass bottles and 300ml PET bottles, and more products in the pipeline, we were careful to design labels that will be easily adaptable to various sizes. Shifting from the old labels that were inconsistent in style and iconography, we used the new illustrations in their block format with only the most important information in the front. This ensured a balance between the brand image and product benefits.

What’s Unique?
In a larger category dominated by sugared beverages, Brewhouse provides its customers with unique moments of consumption and product benefits by crafting real, organic, hand-brewed ice-tea. Our packaging style for Brewhouse is a portal to what the brand embodies. The graphic language is built to mimic the taste of their ice tea – subtle, organic, and refreshing. It gives the brand an artisan feel – crafted, not engineered.