Carnavalita Ice Cream – Minimalist Packaging

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Derrick Lin


Design: Salma Magdi (aka smaji)
Location: Egypt
Project Type: Student Project
School: October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA)
Tutor: Prof. Tarek Saleh, Dr. Ahmed Attia, TA. Menna Zakaria, TA. Shimaa Sherbeny
Packaging Contents: Ice Cream
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wet-Strength Paperboard
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Carnavalita is one of the sub-brands of Nestlé Ice Cream Egypt. For over 100 years, Nestlé has been nourishing Egyptian homes and sustaining healthy foundations for “Good food, Good life”.

Nestlé has become a staple name in Egyptian homes, providing them with tasty and healthy food & beverage products for all occasions and all life stages. As we continue they grow, they hope to keep fortifying the foundations of healthy living and nutrition for a 100 more years to come, in a country that opened its doors to them over 100 years ago.

The twentieth century is dawning and Egypt is transforming in ways it never had before. Ambitious … and dreaming to create a ‘Paris along the Nile’. Records indicate that in 1870 a salesman by the name of E. Serra sold 230 tins of Nestlé’s Infant Food in Alexandria, making it the first sale of a Nestlé product in the Ottoman Empire and Middle East. Three years later, a salesman named Sommer sold the same product in Cairo until finally the year 1900 witnessed Nestlé’s first trademark registration in Egypt.

What’s Unique?
“As with many other products “Ice Cream Packaging” must combine strong visuals with good product protection. High-quality design packaging will make your product last longer, sell better, and improve brand recognition” .. and that’s exactly what Carnavalita needed on this re-designing process.

I started this project with a complete analysis of the current Carnavalita design package and how I would change this to minimalist design without losing the brand’s identity or the ability for people to recognize it. So first I realized that there are some visual elements in the current design that cannot be changed to preserve the identity of the product and its ease of identification, They are:

  1. Mother Brand Logo (Nestlé).
  2. Product Name (Logo).
  3. Color Coding (And this is actually a problem that I solved by doing this project, I realized that the current design of the product has four different flavors of ice cream, and this is not clarified in their current design by “color coding” for easy identification by the consumer so that was added in the new design plan.
  4. Ice Cream Scoop/Flavors Names/The Weight of the Package.

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