Funkie Foodie Lighters

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Design: Sanny
Location: South Africa
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Lighter
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Lighter Wrap

Being a big Foodie and having a quirk for cheesy jokes I wanted to design a range that would bring the 2 together. The range of lighters plays on words and their meanings to create food illustrations.

  1. The Cheesy Pizza: Cheesy is the lame guy with dry jokes and cheese being the best and most important ingredient in pizza, I found it most appropriate for the role of the cheesy guy.
  2. Hangry Hamburger: Hangry is a new term to describe being so hungry you get angry, so you see the Hamburger flipping out and losing his patty!
  3. I Scream for Ice-cream: Ice-cream sounding like I Scream I drew inspiration from the famous ‘Scream’ painting face as the old saying goes ‘I scream, U(you) scream, we all scream for Ice-cream.
  4. Donut Care: The donut is a guilty pleasure of mine, but this donut doesn’t care, he smokes freely because that’s just how he rolls. Play on Donut to be like Do not and the giant donut ring is perfect for making smoke circles.
  5. Hot Damn that’s a Hot dog! Super fine-looking muscle man hot dog.