Design: Sarah Johnston
Digital Illustrations: Paul Lee
Location: New Zealand
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Home fragrance, candles and diffusers
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, Card
Printing Process: Digital printing

Volumes is the story of time & space; geometric forms intertwined with crystal light complimented with rich smokey aromas.

With a nod to the Memphis Design aesthetic; the geometric figures of Art Deco, the colour palette of new Pop Art, and a touch of 1950s kitsch; Volumes explores the aromas and nostalgia of a dusty highway.

These candles and diffusers are above all, home decor. A delicate balance of function and decoration, suitable to be re-purposed creating a timeless art object in your home. Because even an empty vase can be art. The shapes exhibit luxury and opulence with one-of-a-kind hand blown glass.

As a group, they range in volume. As a shape, they are all volumes of revolution. And as a collection, each volume is part of the larger group.

What’s Unique?
The packaging accentuates the geometric. Volumes look at the box as not just a vessel to protect but to represent the object inside. The undecorated die-cut outer sleeve allows all variants to illustrate internal boxes to illuminate through the shape.

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