COVEND! – anti-COVID-19 vaccine concept

Derrick Lin


Design: Dva Slova Brand Consultancy
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: One or 5-stacked vaccine ampoules
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, plactic bubble wrap
Printing Process: Offset printing

The coronavirus vaccine as a long-awaited return to freedom, to a life full of touch, hugs, communication and love.

The planet is under threat – an epidemic is raging! The best minds are racking their brains over the vaccine, it is about to be ready, the first tests are already underway. This will be the most anticipated event of this year. And we came up with and made a brand and packaging for it.

IMPORTANT: We do not know when and where it will appear, as well as who will develop it. We offer our vision of what the packaging of such a vaccine branding might look like.

We decided that the vaccine must be called COVEND! – because it will end the COVID-19 epidemic. To open the packaging box, you need to remove the protective strip and literally remove the quarantine barrier that stood between people. After that, as well as after vaccination, a whole wonderful world of communication, meeting with friends, traveling and having a pleasant pastime opens up. Since we do not know in what variants the proposed vaccine will enter the market, we offer two alternatives for its release: individual, with a dose per person, and in the form of several ampoules in a stack, for delivery to medical institutions. Before using the drug, you can relax a little by breaking the pimples of the plastic bubble wrap in which the vaccine ampoule is packaged. At the same time, with each bubble, one of the cells of the virus is destroyed, which enhances the relaxation effect.

COVEND! – the barriers will soon collapse!

What’s Unique?
We made and unique approach to vaccine packaging in a whole, by making it as a little celebration. Because of the most anticipated thing of the year!