Fathers Wine

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Derrick Lin


Agency: BBDO Ukraine
Executive Creative Director: Anze Jereb
Creative Director: Denis Keleberdenko
Head of BBDO Branding: Maria Teterin
Designer: Anastasia Sirenko
Account Director: Halyna Sokulska
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Produced
Client: Fathers Wine
Product Launch Location: Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

Fathers Wine. Wine in which life is invested.

Usually, they say about such wine: “made with the soul.” In this case, the same can be said about branding.

In the near 2010, the Ukrainian Vladimir Buyachok realized his dream and founded a wineloaf in the small village of Gusyatin. This area was never famous for its wine traditions, until the father of the family took up the matter, and in the future – the brand of craft wine “Fathers wine”

Vladimir had no illusions. He created a company for the soul, simultaneously investing that same soul there. But a miracle happened, and the land gave the harvest, which became the basis for craft wine. The fame about the quality and taste of the drink went to villages, cities and countries. As a result, the wine won prestigious awards, including a significant victory in Vienna.

After 8 years of great work, Vladimir Buyachok unexpectedly left our world, leaving behind a great legacy – the distillery. With full dedication, the founder’s family took up the business, endowing the company with a symbolic name: “Fathers wine”.

Relatives felt that he had not gone anywhere. Dad stayed in the heart, in memory, in every brick and barrel of their family distillery. The family wanted in any way and forever retain the memory of their beloved father and husband.

What’s Unique?
The branding task was to give each bottle of craft wine the soul of its founder. To do this, we created a graphic illusion, where at first glance the disparate elements of production are woven into a single graphic ensemble that forms a face.

Thus, the work of Vladimir Buyachok will continue to live on the tables of real wine connoisseurs, and each sip of a grape drink will salute the person who made it possible.