Design: Brandexpert OS Design team
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Ice cream

SkyPark is a new incredibly delicious natural ice cream manufactured in the environmentally friendly and picturesque Altai Region, in Russia. The authentic SkyPark’s taste brings a unique pleasure, delight, it pleases children and helps adults remember the happiest moments of childhood.

Brandexpert created this brand from scratch: developed the brand name, designed the logo, corporate identity, packaging design, and authentic characters.

SkyPark’s brand name stands for a fabulous amusement park, a true dream of every child. Ice cream is another one favorite kids’ pleasure, which, fortunately, we can indulge ourselves much more often. Combining these two joys in the brand’s image we enhance the sense of sincere delight, happiness, and positive emotions and firmly associate them with a product.

The key elements of brand identity and packaging design are the unique characters, happy, funny, restless cows who ride bicycles, skis, relax, drink cocktails, just like kids. Another important element of packaging design is the background, clear sky and snowy slopes of the Altai Mountains.

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